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Choose your Design for that Perfect Gift!

With several standard designs to choose from, our laser engraved leatherette snap up trays are a great choice for fitting in your home decor.  Each custom serving tray is laser engraved right here in beautiful Ely, Minnesota.

About the Product

Whether needing a convenient spot to place your keys or spare change, a dice rolling tray for your family games, or simply as a furniture top centerpiece, you will be sure to boast about these trays to your friends and family. The trays begin as flat items with 4 pairs of attached snaps. Simply, snap together to create the tray or unsnap to put away for storage.


Both the bamboo and rawhide trays laser to a black design.

Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

6-Inch Size

Tray Bottom: 6"(Width) x 6"(Length)

Flat: 9-5/8"(Width) x 9-5/8"(Length)

Snapped Together: 8-3/4"(Width) x 8-3/4"(Length) x 1-3/4"(Height)

Personalization Area: Up to approximately 5" (High) x 5" (Width)


9-Inch Size

Tray Bottom: 9"(Width) x 9"(Length)

Flat: 12-5/8"(Width) x 12-5/8"(Length)

Snapped Together: 11-3/4"(Width) x 11-3/4"(Length) x 1-3/4"(Height)